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'Asparagus harvest' - Spring offer

Spring is coming, along with Asparagus researchers, suddenly caught by fiery passion for nature they shall express the hunting tasty ardor of shooting asparagine, a delicacy found in woods, uncultivated, olives fields edges and ditches.
Spring is the season of the asparagus, and you know that the best wild asparagus are growing in the Calabria region, especially in the mountains behind Philadelphia. Salty sea air and ground avarice give a special bitter taste that you can not compare with the flavor of white asparagus cultivation.
Try the original filadelfiese asparagus omelet with homemade brawn. The guest that really wants to know Philadelphia must try this dish. Asparagus, Filadelfiese Queen, with its bitter taste reminds of Mediterranean, rocks, pines, smell of the sea and aromatic plants. This is not the only reason to come to Philadelphia though.
Everybody knows the white and green ones sold in bunches, but asparagus family includes more than 300 species and varieties. Only some, as Asparagus officinalis, are used in culinary field, others have a botanical interest only. Besides the cultivated species (white asparagus in the absence of light) there are the wild ones. Species are spread throughout the Mediterranean area, having a thousands of years history, appreciated from the time of the ancient Egyptians who used this plant that grew along the Nile banks. Wild asparagus is definitely one of the most appreciated wild plants growing in Calabria, where, with spring coming, everyone seeks the woods for the first green shoots (aspharagos means bud in greek).
Restaurants welcome guests with asparagus made delicacies, in the typical atmosphere of cordiality that distinguishes these places. Long ago the asparagus were collected by shepherds that, to help the farming family, brought bundles of asparagus tied together with broom. Nowadays, the "going for asparagus" habit is a welcome entertainment for residents and tourists.
To find the asparagus you must arm youself with patience and sharpened view, since these plants prefer hard accessible places, such as thorny bushes. An interesting proposal by Antico Borgo Residence, offers its guests the "Festival of wild asparagus" package, including three nights half board, wine tasting, traditional dinner, and the next day, after breakfast, collection of wild asparagus. A walk that allows you to admire the natural beauty of the mountains of Philadelphia, the Sea and the large pine forest of Pizzo Calabro, a holiday between sea and mountains. At dinner, the chef will reveal some of his secrets on the preparation of this vegetable. All from EUR 350 euro per person. The most popular way to prepare asparagus is definitely the omelet with fresh eggs.

'Asparagus harvest' package details (March - May):
 Day 1.
- arrival
- welcome drink
- dinner
 Day 2.
- breakfast
- guided tour of the scented garden in the world of asparagus, guided harvest, outdoor launch in the mountains, with various Calabrian delicacies taste
- dinner
 Day 3.
- breakfast
- guided tour in the Serre, and asparagus harvest
- dinner
 Day 4.
- breakfast
- departure, end of services
Package price 4 days / 3 nights: EUR 350 per person